International Corporate Services

Public Procurement in Spain

Our experts in public procurement advise tenderers throughout the process. Our team has extensive experience in all stages of administrative contracting, from the preparation of tender documents until the award of the contract, including any administrative and court appeals during the tender and award procedure

  • Providing research and information on public tenders of interest to their sector
  • Devising the best strategy to maximise the chances of success, taking into account the merits of the bidding company; the industry sector to which the bid applies; the outcomes of similar public tenders previously presented
  • Assistance with preparation of required documentation for the submission, including advice on the financial and/or technical requirements
  • Providing access to the contracting authority to clarify any aspect of the tender and the tender documents
  • Assisting with the preparation and drafting the submission of the tender
  • Challenging the outcome of the award by third parties
  • Assistance with an appeal should the foreign company be dissatisfied with the outcome
  • Further negotiation and review of the contract once awarded to the client
  • Advice in the event of disputes arising from the execution of the contract

Transfer Pricing

Based on Spanish Law, having justification of Transfer Pricing between related entities is mandatory.

We provide integrated advisory services for related-party transactions by designing transfer pricing policies. We also assist our clients during the mandatory documentation stage of related-party transactions, as well as carrying out the comparability analysis.

  • Definition of related entities
  • Identification of operations and application of valuation methods
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Drafting and updating of the master file and country file
  • Adaptation of existing documentation to Spanish legislation

Tax & Accounting

  • Communication of tax obligations
  • VAT: Preparation of returns and official books
  • Intrastat reporting and intra-Community declarations
  • Withholding Tax: Resident and non-resident returns
  • Corporate Income Tax: Fiscal consolidation, preparation of returns and payments by instalments
  • Tax representation for companies without permanent establishment
  • Assistance in tax inspections
  • Provision of registered and tax addresses
  • Electronic notifications management

Company Valuation

We are experts in company's appraisals. We are able to offer a competitve price due to our exclusive online service. We will ask you to send all the relevant information by e-mail and hold meetings Online with you. That is the most productive way to get the best service without incurring in additional transport costs.

  • Free Cash Flows
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Ratios
  • Comparables